Help, Donate and Support Us

How You Can Help

Given the clear mandate in God’s word and the overwhelming evidence of the needs in Africa, we must get beyond mission awareness and get to action driven by love and the urgency of the task. It is a privilege to be alive and be a part of the final harvest in Africa. As our understanding of biblical missions increases, Jesus’ call in Matt. 28:19 “Go and make disciples of all the nations” should occupy our mind. This is the time to get involved! Here are some suggestions on what you can do as an individual or organization:

  • Pray that the God of harvest will send more laborers into His mission field in Africa


  • Pray for our safety and protection as we travel from one country of Africa to another
  • Adopt and support a missionary
  • Assist us to ship Bibles, containers of used clothes, shoes, and medical equipment and supplies
  • Adopt and educate a child in primary and secondary school for $350 a year
  • Adopt and educate a university student for $1,000-$2,000 a year (cosponsors are encouraged)
  • Sponsor a small business for the poor with $500
  • Assist with purchasing of a van for village mission trips
  • Assist with constructing and equipping a medical clinic in Africa
  • Donate medicine or medical equipment for the medical missions and the clinics we have in Uganda.
  • Assist with financial support of any amount.