Child Sponsorship Program

The objective of the Child Sponsorship program in Uganda is to provide an opportunity to every beneficiary of the program to reach their full God-given potential with the goal of raising future godly leaders, missionaries and highly motivated professionals to contribute to the development of the country.

HIV/AIDS has left a generation of orphans in Africa, particularly in Uganda, which has over 2 million Orphans. These children have been left to care for themselves and many have been forced to drop out of school.  Without an education, these children, and the generations beyond them, have little hope for a better future.  Orphans are the most ignored victims of the AIDS pandemic in Africa, and many of them have been abandoned in remote villages devoid of government programs. Their deplorable conditions call for urgent attention. Consequently, ACF Uganda has been providing a Christian response through our child sponsorship program. The Child Sponsorship Program provides an opportunity for individuals to invest their prayers and finances in the life of a child, who otherwise, would not have the opportunity for a bright future.

Scope of the Program

The program caters for the most vulnerable children in primary and secondary school, including those who progress to the university in the Kabarole, Kumi and Kampala Districts of Uganda.

In addition, ACF provides

  • Seed money for those who are not able to continue to the university or unemployed to start up a business.
  • Medical support to the sponsored children.
  • Spiritual counseling.


Selection criteria

ACF Missions Inc. uses the following criteria to select the beneficiaries.

  • Must be an orphan
  • No living relative to care for him/her
  • No other source of sponsorship or inheritance
  • Over the years of child sponsorship program, we have seen numerous students graduate from tertiary and universities and have become very responsible citizens in society. We couldn’t achieve all this without our committed child sponsors. You too can make a difference in the life of a child. Become a sponsor today.