Evangelism and Discipleship

At all levels of our programs, reaching people

with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and Spiritual Counseling are the most critical.  We disciple, educate, and mentor people of all ages individually and in group settings. The core elements of our evangelism and discipleship program include

  1. Open air crusades and personal witnessing

We conduct open air crusades during our summer missions’ trip. We organize this outreach during the evenings of the first two days of our summer missions’ trip programs.

  1. Counselling during medical outreach

We conduct spiritual counselling during every ACF medical outreach for people who come for medical help. The counselors use the opportunity to introduce the patients to Christ and pray with them. We believe that some medical issues have spiritual root and believe that through prayers and counselling, the sick will receive total deliverance and healing.

  1. New converts discipleship class

After our summer missions’ trip, we organize a follow up discipleship class for all the people that gave their lives to Christ through all our programs. The discipleship program is made up of ten (10) bible study series that help to establish the new converts in the Christian faith.

  1. Training for pastors and church leaders

In most places we visit during our missions’ trips, the pastors and church leaders with whom we collaborate are not properly trained in biblical doctrines and Christian life styles. As a result, we conduct leadership trainings, which include several aspects of church and financial management.

  1. Counselling for children sponsored by ACF

We conduct Day Camps for the children and the young adults in ACF Child Sponsorship Program. The program activities include spiritual counseling that introduces them to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, and academic counseling that encourages them to represent Christ in their school activities. We also discuss their personal and social challenges given their backgrounds as orphans.