Living hope program is designed to help vulnerable women in the community attain a skill in order to sustain herself and her children.

Sewing Program is a one year intensive career skills program offered to women experiencing deep poverty. It is one of the programs at the ACF Uganda National Offices.

Students attend a half-day sewing class for instruction, practical application and entrepreneurial training. At the end of the year, women who successfully demonstrate their skills receive a sewing machine and certificate. Through skills that have been attained, we have seen numerous women begin small businesses on their verandahs which have grown to a level of owning garment shops. Sewing machines are provided through generous people like you.

The tailoring training project is already having a huge impact on lives, giving women the means to invest in the future of their families.

Vulnerable women are taught tailoring, alongside basic numeracy and literacy skills, so they are able to go on to work or set up their own business.


Our staff ensure every student is supported throughout their training 

Donate to support a vulnerable woman.

ACF Uganda is committed to the success of the economic empowerment program and anticipates a favorable outcome that will become an impetus for economic revitalization in Uganda.